Current Investments

I’m looking to acquire and operate one single business in Benelux



Every business is unique and needs to be evaluated on own merits, but the intention is to meet as many of the following criteria as possible.

  • Based in Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg

  • Organic growth potential and capacity

  • Sustainable competitive advantage

  • Stable and recurring revenues

  • Diverse customer base

  • Easily understood operations

  • Capable middle management


  • Annual revenues between 5 and 25M EUR

  • Pretax income between 750K and 5M EUR

  • Margins greater than 10%

  • 3+ years of positive and stable cash flows

  • Low ongoing capital expenditure needs

  • Healthy balance sheet



  • Growing industry

  • High margins

  • Fragmented competition

  • Low external disruption risk


  • Owners seeking liquidity or retirement

  • Wants to step back from operations

  • Willing to assist in the transition for short duration

  • Simple ownership structure

  • High degree of integrity and ethical values

For any questions, please call or email me:

+32487498875   |

Benelux Succession Capital NV:  BTW BE0743426707. Adres: Bergenstraat 1C, 3020 Herent, België.