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By buying and running a company, I want to pursue my entrepreneurial passion


Thirteen years of professional experience


Work experience in twelve countries


Backed by nineteen  investors


Seven years of


career experience



"I arrived in Belgium at the age of twelve as an Iranian political refugee. I grew up in the town of Leuven and studied economics at the University of Leuven. This experience taught me that one can achieve great goals in life through passion, focus, hard work and perseverance.


Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I have fostered the dream to become an entrepreneur as well. That’s why I’m now putting all my focus and energy into finding a great company to acquire and to operate.

My career started in Brussels as a mathematician for the American oil company, ExxonMobil. After three years, I joined the company’s trading team where, as an oil trader, I looked after the physical oil supply of the refineries of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Karlsruhe. In this role I was commercially, financially and operationally responsible for two billion dollars worth of purchases and sales of oil products.

Mansour Afshoon


I also wanted to see more of the world, and so after 6 years, I decided to pursue an international career. I moved to South Africa with a Swiss commodity trading firm, Trafigura, and became country manager for West Africa. In this role I owned my PNL and as the main supplier of oil I had the privilege of working with several African heads of state. Later, I also pursued various long term projects in Singapore, India and Dubai. Knowing I would one day buy my own firm, I later joined a small firm in Geneva, Switzerland to learn the art of doing business in a small company.


At present, I’m spending my full time and energy to search for a great company to acquire. I’m backed by an international team of entrepreneurs and investors who have a wealth of experience in running and growing small and medium-sized firms. They will be helping me to finance the acquisition and to turn the company into a success story. You can view the list of investors in the articles of Benelux Succession Capital on the website of the Belgian authorities.


I hold an executive MBA, with distinction, from the INSEAD business school and a Masters in Economics, with distinction, from the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven. As the son of a dentist, I’m also very interested in medical science. To relax, I do lots of sports."


For any questions, please call or email me:

+32487498875   |

Benelux Succession Capital NV:  BTW BE0743426707. Adres: Bergenstraat 1C, 3020 Herent, België.

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